Learning Center

Learning Center
Colleen is a wonderful teacher. She helps you discover and develop your gifts. Thank you. Nikki L.

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Because you are to be something for yourself not for anyone else – become yourself. This is accomplished through the release of the opinions of others – sort through these opinions and heal. Become and be…. I am at peace with that which I am. Perfect in my imperfect perfection… Colleen Helgerson

It is my mission to bring those who have the desire and commitment — to each become their own best guide and healer, fulfilling the lives of all who long to be free in their hearts and minds – free enough to trust their intuition — their higher self and follow that guidance to become a self-empowered individual.

Message from a Student … 
In my dream we were in a forested area,
I was kneeling down in front of you
as you stood next to a fire,
humming a song and striking a hand drum.
When I lifted my head up
You had shifted into a beautiful white stag.
Dreampt the night of the Piscean full moon.

Signing up for a class or a session is a commitment to yourself and the universe to carry through to completion the learning and promise to spiritual well-being. All payments for classes and sessions are final. No Refunds.