Body Wisdom Shamanism Class

Body Wisdom Shamanism Class



Sacred Intent Workshop – Body Wisdom – Wisdom of the Ancestors

There are  3 alignments – Releasing – Supporting the Elemental Body and Body to Spirit Alliance. plus drumming & chanting. Approx. an hour and a half of getting connected. I recorded each alignment separately so you don’t have to listen to the whole thing each time.

Experiencing and living the sacredness of being in the human body.
Letting the Body be comfortable as the vessel of the soul/spirit.

Here you will find transformational work for the adaptation of the body in it’s connection to its earth herself. As well as settling the spirit into the vessel. Discovering the wisdom of your body as the elemental self. Recognizing a comfort level that helps the body be gently in sync with the intuitive spirit. An unexpected truth in the gift of knowing your body as an ally. No prerequisite required.

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