Meditation Downloads

Meditation Downloads

All of the downloads can be available as Physical CD’s — downloads are $10 each – physical CD’s are $15 each plus postage/handling and state sales tax (tax only if shipped to an address in Iowa). Contact me if you would prefer a physical CD. All purchases are final – no returns or refunds. Orders from outside of the USA for physical CD’s will have additional postage charges. All recordings are now available as audio downloads See choices below.

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Rev. Colleen Helgerson is a practitioner and teacher of healing and the esoteric arts. She supports the individual through sessions, classes and Consciousness Workshops.

Information contained in the audios offered through this website are not given or intended to be a substitute or replacement for qualified medical or psychological  advice, diagnosis or treatment. As an individual you must take responsibility for your own mental and physical health, way of thinking, living, decision making and well being.

Music by Thaddeus’ can be ordered from LunimEssence Productions we are grateful for the generosity they have shown in allowing me to add music to the vibration of these meditations.