Akashic Record Readings

Akashic Record Readings


All that has been written upon the Akashic Record has been placed there by our souls, waiting for us to use its presence as a vehicle to see ourselves as the limitless beings we have always been meant to be.

True intuition comes from deep inside of us and from the connection of the inner self with the super consciousness which is a soul/spirit level consciousness. This consciousness connection is called the Akashic Record.

The Akashic Record is a field of energy which connects all of us together with all that is good and loving in the universe. As well as all that can be helpful and healing. We each are dealing with the events of our daily lives as well as our growth as spiritual beings.

What is it that we can examine in a reading?
The relationships that we have with others.
The concerns and fears that we have about who we are and what is happening.
Where peace of mind comes from and how to create it.
Sorting out emotions.
Becoming aware of what is truly needed in this life.

Akashic Record Readings

Through a reading we communicate with our True Self (the soul self) guides, angels, and departed loved ones

  • Akashic Readings reach into the past, present and future
  • Bring the life you are living into perspective
  • Activate healing
  • Healing the earlier you of this life
  • Healing Past Lives
  • Bring clarity to your relationships
  • Insightful solutions to  problems
  • Remove blockages
  • Discovery of gifts
  • Reveal the confident powerful spirit within
  • Discover why you respond to those around you the way that you do
  • Who you have been can affect who you are now, healing that which has come into this life with you can be of great value – allowing you to move into ever higher vibrations of love.   A reading can aid in answering the whys and hows of living a life you will enjoy. So that you find the way to a happy enriching life.
  • Through the Akashic Record we can discover our gifts and by allowing our inner-light to remind us of the powerful self that we are we gain confidence. Our True Self guides us beyond blockages, so that we can have an opportunity to grow, achieve our goals and acknowledge our worth.
  • The True Self is that part of ourselves which is purely loving and wise
  • The knowledge of the true self is held in the Akashic Record waiting to reveal itself to you.
  • A simple definition of the Akashic Record is – a field of energy which holds all the information which can help us on our path toward self empowerment and a sense of security in our daily lives.

Readings are done both in person and over the phone both are equally productive.
For more information or to schedule a consultation contact my assistant at 563.599.2823
The cost is $325.00 1 hour or $200. 30 minute session. Click Here to Order


  • Find out what people think of their readings by going to the Reviews page of this site.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the reading. I haven’t been the same since, to be very honest. I found myself in brief moments of tears more than once yesterday – in shear joy and relief – that it’s all going to be okay. You confirmed a great deal of what I believed to be true – and even more than I knew – I feel at peace. I can’t wait to really experience life … the reading gave me permission to truly drop all my fears, once and for all, and just go for it. Wow, did I need that. Thank you so much for being “on my path” in this lifetime. Shawna
  • Thank you once again. This reading really clarified so much for me. It was life changing. Anna Yonkers, NY

An Akashic Reading — is the exploration of the soul’s signature vibration. When working in the records with Colleen the two of you interact with the energy of the your records — you safely enter a sacred space where you become aware of the energetic patterns of your thoughts, words and actions; your interactions with the all of creation. Together, we find ways to become aware of ourselves through the language of issues, relationships and experiences.

  • An Akashic Reading can shift dysfunctional beliefs and create healing in the emotional and mental fields as well as the physical body.
  • The study of quantum physics explains scientifically what spiritual explorers have known forever — our energy follows a path toward that which we focus upon — to change and heal we must refocus our attention — the shifting of this energy through exploration in the Akashic Record can move us quickly and easily into a new alignment with our True Self.
  • Colleen has done extensive study in the Akashic Records offering individual readings as well as classes to help you bring forward and enhance your own intuitive psychic abilities through the Akashic Record.
  • Information on the LodeStar Akashic Records Class for those who wish to work in their own record and help others to find their path to a joyful life is available on the Learning Center page of this website.


  • All of the work I do is effective in promoting health and healing through alternative holistic means yet it may not be sufficient intervention for some health related issues or concerns. Reiki, the Akashic records and other holistic alternatives may accelerate healing, please work closely with your physician to monitor your need for medications etc. Information contained in this site is not given or intended to be a substitute or replacement for qualified medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The owner(s), developer(s), and maintainer(s) are not engaged in rendering professional or medical advice as an individual you must take responsibility for your own health and life. I retain the right to refuse to teach or provide a session to any client or student if at anytime I believe it is not in my highest good or their highest good to do so.