Usui Reiki 3B Teacher

Usui Reiki 3B Teacher


By Invitation Only Master Teacher Usui Reiki



By Invitation Only – Contact me if you are interested in becoming a Master Teacher.

The teacher level of Usui Reiki can be sought after the Advanced Reiki (3A, ART or Usui Master Practitioner). The required length of time between Master Practitioner and Master Teacher is 6 months. This class allows the Master Practitioner to develop a deeper relationship with the energy and to be able to attune and teach students. This is a one day class, Master Teacher Students may participate in the instruction of levels 1, 2 and 3A with Colleen as she teaches other classes if they wish. Applicants to this level are required to participate in an interview with the teacher and must show that they will invest themselves in the study of Reiki beyond the class setting. Verification of past classes is required. Cost $600

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