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Healing our relationship with time and opportunities.We humans, seem to have an adversarial relationship to time. Not enough time, exhaustion, aging, past-life carryovers, future unknown. And concern about opportunities missed due to timing. Our intent in this deep healing meditation will be to find a new healthy relationship with the past, the passing of time, comfort with the unfolding of an unrevealed future. Certainty in the cycles of the presentation, acknowledgement and acted upon opportunities gifted to us by a generous universe in our soul’s creative timing.

Testimonial: I meant to shoot you a message last week after I listened to your meditation. Needless to say, it came at exactly the right time and helped me release some really heavy emotions that I was overcome with last week. I appreciate you and all that you share with us. Jennifer

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Wow! so much more than I was expecting … the moon maiden and I are now one. Glenna

The temple called me in and embraced the much needed freedom I’d been looking to create in myself and my life. Jill

I was so excited when you put out your audio downloads.  I can feel your Joyful Energy through the sound of your voice!  Just listening to your meditations fills me with the Peace to accomplish the rest of my day’s activities. You rock. Fiona

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Rest in self-assurance.

Study because of pure curiosity. Create from pure joy. Expand your love beyond anything that you have ever done before through pure passion. You are a creative genius sent to earth to bring out the best that your spirit’s imagination has to offer.  Colleen Helgerson

I really appreciated the freedom of listening to the ShinJiro  webinars  at my convenience, and processing the information that was being taught.  I had time to practice the use of the symbols and understand the energies I was working with. If you are able to work with Colleen in person, it is such a blessing! But please know that the webinar is a wonderful experience, as well. I highly recommend any and all of her classes! Rebecca Probst

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