Life Fulfilled by Spiritual Quest

Revealing the trusted part of your soul self brings true healing - working through the conditions in life that can take the joy out of life. Bringing forward what adds joy.
The creation of a solid foundation upon which we then create a thriving, successful alignment with the natural rhythm of earthly existence.

Spirit and human self co-creating with Divine Source as we transcend difficulties  and find our way to the realization of honoring the loving spirit within each of us.

LodeStar Akashic Records Readings

Consultations - finding your way to: clarity  – create simple solutions –  making sense of relationships – believing in yourself - finding your core.


Energy Healing Sessions

Bringing the energy field into harmonic balance allows us to effectively create our lives. Harmonic Union Transformational Energy Healing.

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Akashic Classes

Colleen is a truly inspiring teacher. She teaches with humor, encouragement and love. I find myself wanting to attend all of her classes! 

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Reiki Classes

Develop healing skills through Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki tm

Learning Energy Healing

MaChiAh Shamanism Classes

Step into the Heart of the Earth - Journey to Spirit - Find Your Power - Let Nature Guide You - Celtic, Norse, PachaMama, Divine Feminine Ceremony

Sacred Knowing


Going Within - Finding Center - Letting Go of the Past - Calling in Your Future - Releasing Resistance


Crystalline Core Meditation Rods

Inspired by the Priestesses, Priests & Pharaohs of Egypt The Rods are a Meditation Enhancement tool, Deepening the experience through connection with both Equilateral and Nubian Pyramids as well as the Sacred Sites of the World and Crystalline Structures deep within the Earth Herself. Available in Standard Sets and CustomMade Sets specific to your life path.

Crystal Companions