Aura Stabilization

Aura Stabilization



This class is to stabilize and maintain the integrity of the human aura. It is a wonderful tool to be utilized for self healing, as well as in the practice of Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki tm, ShinJiro, Akashic Reading or Shamanic Healing.

Available as a zoom meeting with handouts.

No-pre-requisite classes required.

Protecting, cleansing and securing of the aura is a vital importance in self care and as you are working with clients. There is a relief, a lightning of spirit that comes with a sturdy and strong aura. The reweaving of the energy of spirit and life takes place as we secure the aura. Our goal is a flexible yet strong aura, open and sharing maximizing your own creativity as we merge with universal awareness.

The field of energy that we live in is an oval of light – yet much more. This field must be kept well. Freed from the clutter of the outside world and held in place through wisdom and respect. The inner world of soulself gains strength and momentum when the aura’s energy is intact – pristine. Outside influence kept at bay through a protective shielding and ego self influences corrected and balanced within the sacred space of the aura. Multiple interactive healing meditations included.

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