Meet Colleen

Meet Colleen

About Colleen

It was fascinating to me, actually words cannot clearly describe the beautiful “orb” or basketball size globe over your head spinning around, like the earth does, transparent and the inside was like mist or clouds in white and blue, a beautiful baby blue color difficult to describe! I didn’t see a cord as it was about 8-12 inches above your head but as you walked it traveled with you as if you had one of those birthday balloons with a cord. The aura was like a thin blue mist over your body. I will never forget such beautiful experience! Tried to paint it but didn’t do it justice. I know I will see you again someday. Your gift and guidance have been and inspiration to me and many. You are so gifted and blessed I was honored to have received the gift of such magnificence!  Arlene Ojeda Cruz was guided to the Cayce Center in Houston where I was giving a talk. She came up to me and related the experience and years later sent me this testimonial as it was still strong in her memory. Thank you Arlene it is always wonderful to have such an experience brought to my attention.

It is the magic we all crave – the magic that is joyful living, the expression of our talents and the relief we feel when we can love one another and live fearlessly.

  • What is it that I offer?
  • Akashic Records Readings  – Past Life Regression, Soul Retrieval & Soul Fracture Healings through Akashic  Record Readings (phone and in-person)
  • Akashic Classes (LodeStar Akasha)
  • Harmonic Union Energy and ShinJiro Healings (combined)
  • Shamanism Class and Ceremony
  • I am a Usui Reiki – Karuna Reiki® – Akashic Records & ShinJiro® Master Teacher — Inspirational Speaker — Channel — Minister & Workshop Leader Teaching both In-Person and via Webinars

I was the little girl in the woods near my family home whose imagination ran wild. An only child until I was nearly 10 with only elderly neighbors …. I spent much of my time entertaining myself. There were many playmates all from the fairie and angelic realms as well as beloved rabbits (originally Easter gifts) and ponies in the adjacent pasture. Growing up at the very edge of a small town surrounded by pastures with a wonderful creek, a yard filled with flowers, a gigantic garden covering an entire lot, chicken coop (devoid of chickens but a wonderful place to play) and wildlife passing through, this was the perfect environment in which to develop a connection to nature and my inner self.

Purchasing my first set of Tarot Cards,  in the 6th grade while on a school field trip – they were lying on a shelf in an antique shop and needed to be mine. They added to the adventure of an inquisitive soul and also needed to be hidden from my mother – she had a difficult time with such a strong willed, open-minded child. I daydreamed and night dreamed myself a nature spirit with magical influences and joyful journeys.

There were fears too that needed to be dealt with – yet I always found comfort in the idea of Archangels and protective animals. Later those same animals were found as power animals and spirit guides through Shamanic Journeying – they had come once again to fill my heart and thoughts with confidence.

Reading was and is a favorite pastime – the fuel for all of who I am.  The world of the imagined, anticipated and unexpected rose from those pages bringing me the greatest of joys. Movies are as well loved. A dozen years in a writing group that meet weekly (save Thanksgiving thru New Years and two weeks in the summer) brought to me a group of women and one man, the instructor – who was dubbed an honorary woman (sometimes he enjoyed this – sometimes he absolutely did not) which enabled us to talk about anything and everything in front of him. We were called the Wednesday Night Irregulars (I believe I fit right in!) ranging from our early 70’s to 30 year old’s.

The group was prolific – and sale-able – we all contributed to local magazines and newspapers often. And found among us winners of poetry, short fiction and non-fiction awards.  The group held much the same view of spirituality as I — which sent us on many a tangent into the territory of the other world with novels about a quilting circle aligned with the goddess Kali – a group of short stories called The Killer Tricycle and Other Improbable Adventures – true life stories filled with romance, Al Capone (who hid-out in a small town just across the Mississippi), moonshine and Native Americans (the Blackhawk War), ghosts and spirits and everyday life.

My need to read extended into self-help and spiritual development – with Og Mandino, Ruth Montgomery, Kahlil Gibran, John Randolph Price and Edgar Cayce as early guides.

While raising boys to become men, in the rolling hills of northwestern Illinois on a 100 acre wooded — pastured piece of property I developed an interest in energy and animal communication. Finding books and classes on Mediumship and Reiki – Angel Readings, Astrology, Herbal Remedies, Multiple Intuitive Training and Shamanism.

Just south of us along the Mississippi, a Spiritualist Camp held summer sessions with Private Readings, Message Circles, Workshops, Classes, and Church Services – I was fortunate to have had readings with a particularly talented woman, Mae Ridyard (who has now passed) – she was wonderfully gifted and inspired me to become as near to her as I can manage.

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to receive guidance and instruction with outstanding people and am grateful for each of the clients and students who have trusted me with their secrets and dreams.

I have been fortunate to have been befriended by brilliant, strong, loving women and men who have supported me as I reached out into a new and independent life filled with the unusual — creating a business and actually making a living through connection to the metaphysical  – I am as a friend has labeled me a psychic-intuitive-empathic-healer-channel-teacher.

And now, in reaching beyond what I have been doing — into even deeper self empowering connections for those who work with me. (seeing clients for sessions and readings – teaching Meditation, Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki ®, the Akashic Records, Shinjiro Healing, drumming and chanting).

It is my mission to bring those who have the desire and commitment to follow their spirit’s wishes — to each become their own best guide. Filling the lives of all who long to be free in their hearts and minds – free enough to trust their intuition — their inner higher self and follow that guidance to become a self-empowered individual.

It is the magic we all crave – the magic that is joyful living, the expression of our talents and the relief we feel when we can love one another and live fearlessly.