Elder Council Blue Light Activation

Elder Council Blue Light Activation



This is a Channeled Spirit Light Witnessing within ourselves for our own highest outcome for a beautiful future that is our truth. A strengthening of our spiritual awareness. The new beginning for each of us, as the entire planet shifts into living in a higher level of existence.

 Blue-light inner and outer healing — the planet is asking each of us to be a carrier of light — restoring a balance of love to the planet as she requires for earth’s ability to sustain well-being on this world and bringing each of us to an evermore advanced spiritual state.

Here we prepare for a birthing of a new light energy into and through our human bodies. This is a natural progression of preparedness for the advancement of metaphysical abilities that have lay dormant. The Grandfathers and Grandmothers of many cultures have told of the returning in the night sky dance. The prophecies of the Mayan, Aztec, Egyptian as well as others carry this expression of a shifting of consciousness.

This is the raising of vibrations while staying grounded and feeling secure.

The spirals of sacred geometry and soul/spirit level reality flow in the quest we find within ourselves as a new cycle of life begins.

Join in the experience…….

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