Drumming Journey

Drumming Journey


Drumming, Chanting bringing forth the Soul’s Journey


The sound of a drum moves us to dance, to sing, to enter theta consciousness …Which brings about healing and intuitive guidance for a deeper understanding of the inner self and life around us.

Indigenous people all over the earth have known, for thousands of years, that drumming is a powerful tool in the development of the spiritual self

  •  Drumming is not only heard but felt.
  • The vibrations felt during drum bring us to states of being in a field of energy where very real personal growth can occur.
  • In combination drumming and rhythmic chanting are often used to enhance the effects.
  • Changes can take place within the cells of your body healing abnormalities, changes can take place in your beliefs about yourself bringing realizations of self-worth, changes can take place in your emotional body, bringing balance and harmony to your life when your spirit comes to join you in a drumming journey.
  •  Track One – Introduction to Drumming 
  • Track Two – Corn Grinding Song courtesy of Dick Claassen
  • Track Three – Flute – Chant and Drum 20 min. 
  • Track Four – Drum only 20 min.

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