Lion’s Gate Divine Unity New Moon Activation

Lion’s Gate Divine Unity New Moon Activation



Bridging the gap to create unity of the Divine Feminine and Masculine. Embracing 5th dimensional reality. No pre-requisites.

Here we are in this magnificent time where the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine reunite as one. The Full Moon of August opens the gateway and with the New Moon of August another step forward takes us into the awakening. The path will be supported until the full realization of the Unified Balance of Feminine and Masculine has fulfilled its destiny.   This ceremonial journey helps us to create and empower this new beginning within ourselves and for one another.  A re-birthed into a vibration that funds our desires for a future rich in creativity through a new relationship within ourselves and the outer world. This vibration opens each of us, as we step from the chaos of a 3rd dimensional existence into our higher level selves. Abundantly, the universe will attract into our lives that which is to bring forward new life and new ways to interact with spirit. This advancement of the human spirit as it lives on the planet earth began in August of  2016 and continues to expand today.

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