5. Ancestral Healing – Clearing the Family Line

5. Ancestral Healing – Clearing the Family Line



Pre-requisite LodeStar Akasha Class

Audio Download Class – Join me as we develop the skills to reach into the ancestral past of our bodies and find relief from many stressors. — Our human life has many components contributing to how it is playing out. We have each of us, soul directives set in place as priorities linking each of us to our path and our learning. Personal past life experiences are a part of that but we also come into this life in a body that caries another set of directives – as a soul we have chosen our parentage and the ancestors in this family line for reasons that have to do with our personal growth as well contracts between the individual soul and the familial line. There is DNA genetic information distinctive to the individual and the family and RNA the messenger carrying out the instructions of the DNA. Each person activates DNA information specific to the needs the the life they are playing out and the lessens to be learned. When an Ancestor has created a “flaw” in the information influencing the life of the individual we can trace the discomfort back through the line and create healing for that soul. When the healing takes place in the past the structure of the entire family receives spiritual healing benefit. The life of the person receiving the reading has a new energy available to it as well as all of the individuals between the healed ancestor and present time. Future generations are also freed from detriment.

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