MaChiAh Shamanism Level 1 Class

MaChiAh Shamanism Level 1 Class


Base work for all Shamanic Study


These are the “Let’s Get Started” Shamanism Classes

  • A great base for all other shamanic work and study.
  • Includes journeying, drumming, traveling the worlds and revelation.
  • Multi-shamanic view points incorporated.
  • MaChiAh Shamanism = MaChi = Female Shamaness – males can join in the class too!
  • Stepping deeper into the beauty of Shamanism and Journey to the lower, middle and upper worlds where the Wisdom of the Ancestors abounds. We are all here in life at this unique time examining our spiritual selves and becoming more. In these days of self exploration we see a new self emerging.
  • Step by step we begin to know ourselves and find our truth, strength & personal power.

~Becoming familiar and comfortable with the many processes of journey work

~Preparing for Journey – Creating Sacred Space – Keepers of Sacred space

~includes lower – middle – upper world exploration – power animal connections

  • Weaving the Web of Wisdom Classes channeled by Colleen Helgerson
  • Cost All class are $75. per level. Please pre-register / pre-payment required

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