We Together Project

We Together Project



We Together Project – Bringing forward an Earthly Expression of Peace, Joy & Love. …. Help the Planet – Help Humanity – Help Your Soul.

5 Weekly Alignments with Angelic Energies – an appeal to the angelic realm. We, as humans and they as Angels bring together what is personal & planetarily needed at this time. And WHY – the angelic realm must be asked if they are to intercede. They have so much new to offer at this time, calming the cause of the current worldly chaos and the unpredictability of “supposed” life being seen at this time. Together humans and angels are powerful in activating the energies needed, as from a place of Spiritual Wellness we thrive. Live Zoom meetings & audio recordings sent to you for use at any time via dropbox. You can attend live but don’t have to, to receive the information.  5 Sessions of 15 to 20 minutes of explanation for each meeting & approximately 20-minute orientation to the angelic energies. Total fee $77.00

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