Webinars – Online Classes

Webinars – Online Classes

Video Webinars And Audio Classes

Video Class List  – Via Zoom

  1. Aura Stabilization Class (scroll down for description)
  2. Wombkeeper Ceremony – 13th Rite of Munay-Ki https://colleenhelgerson.com/learning-center/shamanism-classes/
  3. ShinJiro Hands on Akashic Healing https://colleenhelgerson.com/learning-center/akashic-classes/

Audio Class List : Sent to you Via Dropbox

Scroll down the page for descriptions

Advanced Akashic Audio Classes – Prerequisite Learn to Read the Akashic Records

  1. Working in Your Own Akashic Record
  2. Clearing Contradictory Beliefs
  3. Working in the Records of a Place (Land, home etc.)
  4. Connecting to Past Life Mastery – What have you developed in past lives that could be helpful in the Now!

Shamanism Audio Classes – No prerequisites 

  1. Body Wisdom
  2. Elder Council Blue Light Activation
  3. Elder Council Golden Light Activation
  4. Lion’s Gate Divine Feminine New Moon Activation

Cycle Meditations – No Prerequisites

  1. Life Purpose Moon Journey (Scroll down for Description)
  2. New Moon
  3. Full Moon
  4. Winter Solstice


Aura Stabilization Class Via Zoom with handouts

  • Understanding and activating the Supportive Mechanisms within the Auric Field of Energy.
  • Creation of a peaceful Energy Body.
  • Recreating Structural Integrity within the Protective shielding of the Aura surrounding the human body (can be activated for pets as well).
  • Activation of the Intuitive Within the individual once the Aura is Stabilized.
  • Payment link $40 Aura Stabilization Class
  • Available as a Zoom Video Class with handouts sent via Drop Box
Currently available as Audio Download Classes: Sent to you Via Dropbox
Life Purpose Moon Journey

The full moon of July each year gives you the opportunity to reach into yourself and prepare, process and activate your life purpose. Continued use of this journey on the full moon each month enhances your connectedness.

The July Full Moon is the Life Purpose Moon – This audio download Journey Mediation is formulated to take you gently to a place within to stimulate self-knowledge and life flow in the direction of your true purpose.  Siddhartha was born, then enlightened and passed from his body all during full moon rotations. Hear your calling, as your ego is calmed in an awakening to consciousness by spirit. Spirit and ego become aware of your desire to connect deeply with life purpose. You will then greet the unfolding of you potential and the soul’s defined role in life and cosmic purpose. Objective: Freed from mental obstruction, one is said to realize a state of bliss as an open vessel, true to the nature of your sacred being. Join in an ongoing relationship with inner knowledge and spirit presence through the receptacle of the emerging mind. As we connect with Earth Mother – Grandmother Moon – Father Sun – in the cycles of life during the Full “Life Purpose” Moon there is a connection made, activated and utilized ever more fully. The Peace of Siddhartha – the Love of the Christ Light – the Interaction of the Goddess of the Full Moon Lakshmi and the Dharma Buddha’s 5th Dimensional Heaven on Earth presence. Payment link $20 – Full Life Purpose Moon Ceremony


I enjoyed the webinar form, as it allowed me to review and become solid with each section of the class. I really appreciated the freedom of viewing & listening to the webinar at my convenience. Rebecca Bennett

For all those who want to attend but can’t travel, here’s your answer! Veronica