Set of Custom Made Copper Crystalline Core Rods

Set of Custom Made Copper Crystalline Core Rods


Each Crystalline Core Meditation/Healing Set contains crystalline energetics which encourage right relationship with love, self and the life you are here to live.


optimism – independence — vitality — creativity
intuition – clarity – flexibility – tranquility — calmness
self-worth — correct use of will
release of restrictive energies
activation and opening of all chakras
cleansing the thought and emotion fields of negativity
clear communication — awareness
balances yin-yang
understanding change, adaptability
inspires confidence & happiness
strengthens self- love, self-esteem,
self-confidence & supports self-expression
promotes inner calm & connection to inner wisdom
encourages the adventurous spirit
self-nurturing – abundance
The Angels and Ascended Masters work with you through meditation with the Crystalline Core

The Crystalline Core is aligned with
the number sequence 888 – Amplifying all intentions.
The number 888 represents – “The Universe is abundant and generous, and you’ve learned how to step into the shower of its ever-present flow… prosperity is yours, now and in the future.” Quote from Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers Book

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