4 Session Transformational Soul Group Bundle

4 Session Transformational Soul Group Bundle



Live zoom meeting (date specified only) as well as a “yours forever audio download” sent to you via dropbox the day after each transformational event.

  • Single group session $45.00
  • 4 session bundle for those who began with the first 9 this is the completion. July 19, Aug. 30, Oct. 4, Nov. 15, 2022 Final Session  $30 ea. = $120 (you are here) Includes Free Dec. 27th Session
  • 5 session bundle June 7 – Nov.15, 2022 $30. ea =$150  Includes free Dec. 27th Session Completion of the series.
  • Payment for a single session will link you to the next live zoom meeting unless you specify a specific date for the audio of a past session. i.e. August 4th, 2021 etc.

For a few moments we pause leaving space to breathe deeply releasing the vibrations of unsettled occurrences in life. Then the drum reminds us of the heart beating in our chests moving life throughout our bodies. The essence of who we are is acknowledged; gentle yet strong and warmed by the love that is innately our own spirit.  We send our roots deep into the earth and reach for the stars as the heaviness of life is released. We dance with the wind as our thoughts and feelings re-balance in the imagining of the now and the future, inspired by an alignment with the desires of our heart, our higherself, our soul and spirit. Dreams awaken to a mindful destiny of new seeds planted by the awareness of new possibilities. A gentle guided meditation with the voices of the drum, chanting and singing bowls take us on this journey, into the love we hold for ourselves, which has been waiting to come forward from spirit light. Colleen’s Akashic Master Teachers, Shamanic Guides, the ArchAngels and Ancestors will be present.  Each transformational group session will have its own dynamic vibrancy.  Approximately 30 minutes. We will meet via zoom meeting. The  monthly/ to 6 week sessions are date specified on the Metamorphosis page of this website. Shortly after payment is made you will receive the zoom link to the session via email.

No individual questions during group sessions.

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