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Lodestar guidance by life coach Colleen Helgerson.

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Lodestar guidance by life coach Colleen Helgerson.

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MaChiAh ShamanismTM

Weaving the Web of Wisdom

The Divine Feminine Approach to

Shamanism Workshops

Dancing the web of life!

Machiah Shamanism Basics One

No current dates Contact me if you are interested.

9:30 - 3 p.m.Dubuque, IA $75


Machiah Shamanism Basics Two

Sat. Dec. 29th,2018 9:30 - 3 p.m. Dubuque, IA $75


13th Rite of Munay-Ki WombKeeper's Ceremony

Release from Suffering and Pain - Mapuche Lineage of Women

We all come from the Mother, unto her we shall return,

like a drop of rain flowing to the ocean.

6:30 - 9:00 p.m. Fri. Dec. 28th 95 York St. Dubuque, IA $30


Click here to Go to the Payment page under Events - Workshops

These are the "Let's Get Started" Shamanism Classes

A great base for all other shamanic work and study.

Includes journeying, drumming, traveling the worlds and revelation.

Multi-shamanic view points incorporated.

MaChiAh Shamanism = MaChi = Female Shamaness - males can join in the class too!

Stepping deeper into the beauty of Shamanism and Journey to the lower, middle and upper worlds where the Wisdom of the Ancestors abounds. We are all here in life at this unique time examining our spiritual selves and becoming more. In these days of self exploration we see a new self emerging.

Step by step we begin to know ourselves and find our truth, strength & personal power.

~Becoming familiar and comfortable with the many processes of journey work

~Preparing for Journey - Creating Sacred Space - Keepers of Sacrd space

~includes lower - middle - upper world exploration - power animal connections

Unique work specific to MaChiAh Shamanism tm as we dance the web

with the Grandmothers - the Council of Elders and more

Weaving the Web of Wisdom Classes channeled by Colleen Helgerson

Cost All class are $75. per level. Please pre-register / pre-payment required click below to go to payment page. Limited seating. Contact me to hold your spot. 563-599-2823.

Click here to Go to the Payment page under Events - Workshops

Through the Voices and Traditions of the Ancestors and Drums -- Together we will learn unique chants, exerience healing and journey through the voices of the drum and sage wisdom to enhance life and deepen spiritual growth. As we are fully supported in the giving away of cares and worries in exchange for peace and positive life interactions toward the goal of moving beyod hollow accomlishments -- building strong foundations of trust and responsibility through connection with the ancient ones - your planetary ancestral heritage.

Seeing yourself through the eyes of soul wisdom.

Life has so many twists and turns - joys and sorrows - it is time to release that which is complicated and bring forward the energies, companions and understandings that spirit has waiting for us, as we look into the everyday joys of being corporeal spirits - finding our way through life on earth with spiritual growth as our healer. We will explore the ability to discharge any undesirable energy, thoughts and emotions as well as bring into being the joy of existence here on earth. We will use energy movement, sound, self-hypnosis breathing techniques and meditation experience throughout our two hours together.


I have been fortunate enough to attend two of Colleen's wonderful workshops (Houston, TX and Fayetteville, AK). Colleen takes me directly back to my Native American roots and my heart opens wide to receive a blessing. I really enjoyed the chants we learned, too. The Journey took me to a deep meditative space. I gained great tools for personal growth. Colleen engenders unconditional love and creates a sacred holy space to learn and become who we are meant to be. I would highly recommend her workshops. Bonnie O'Boyle

Anyone who knows Colleen, who has see her drum, or has heard her chant knows that she is something special. It is a great gift to be able to exerience a session with her. (Glastonbury, England and Bucks County, Penn.) The sentiments derived from a session vary from bone chilling to ecstatic. I felt like I was transported to a time of my ancestors, a time of greater wisdom and knowing and that she brought that to the surface for me to explore. Simply incredible - see for yourself. Bess Smith Strzelecki






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