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Lodestar guidance by life coach Colleen Helgerson.

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Lodestar guidance by life coach Colleen Helgerson.

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Radio Interview!

The world and life are ever changing. We must be willing to adapt. As we find our way, we at times can use the assistance of a guide to help us find balance and courage in bringing about the best life possabilities.

Clearing the past allows us to see the brightness of the future.

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Just to say: I felt so miraculously better (physically and emotionally) after our call. Thank You Star Gifford London, England

Colleen, It was so nice speaking with over the phone. I just want people to know that you have an endearing heart with good intention. You made me understand relationships and their similarities from past to present life. I listened to the scenarios played out in my past life, which helped me understand my present condition today. It may seem far fetched to some but as you spoke things clicked.There is no question in my mind that my consciousness changed for the better and with that I am grateful. Much success with your care and guidance. Blessings, Nova

I would like to encourage anyone who may be "on the fence" to step out of the box and go exploring (the Akashic Records) with Colleen. I can speak from experience, her readings are soul touching. She has a gift and spirit that can help sort out feelings and assist you in answering questions that many may have. Her character, integrity, kindness, compassion, and most of all the Love that she carries is profound. Bonnie Ewton



After studying Edgar Cayce for several years, I found myself wishing I could have my Akashic record read. But knowing Edgar Cayce died in 1945, I assumed it would be an impossible feat. However, recently I found Colleen Helgerson and decided to give the Akashic Record reading a try, only to find that the experience was as in-depth and as intuitive as Edgar Cayces' readings were. Not only has this reading given me an insight into myself, but also into my past, present and future. It appears as though, as I re-listen to my reading, I continually find new direction in my life endeavors." Thank You Russ Nottingham

It's been several months since my first session with you and since that day my overall situation remains the same. And yet, so much has changed! I've learned so much about myself as I define the details. I have listened to the tape you mailed to me many times. Each time I listen to it I hear exactly what I need to hear to help me move through to the next moment with a sense of peace ... knowing that all is well and "things will unfold beautifully" ... as you noted in our session. i just wanted to take a moment to thank you again. Your words to me have been such a source of comfort. And, i do plan to work with you again... Shawna

When life is hectic, it is hard for me to stay clear enough to make important decisions. It can appear as though I am in the dark with many paths to choose from. Colleen helps me connect to the wisdom I have deep within. She helps me align with the light, so that I can see clearly which path is right for me. Colleen has a deep powerful energy that carries through in her sessions.  Her ability to connect to the spiritual world while relating it to the earth plane is nothing short of amazing. Thank you, Debby

I've been feeling really good since my last session (Harmonic Union Energy work). The general anxiety that I've had for so long has diminished greatly. Changes are easier to make & come more naturally. I see things more clearly, decisions are easier to make too. I'm actually often feeling quite fabulous lately, which I am enjoying. And I'm feeling more settled into myself & comfortable with it. Thank you Holly Hampton

Thanks so much for the reading and akashic healing! You have an awesome talent. This work week has been so positive. I can really feel a change already. My current boss/mother in a past life has been smiling and actually pleasant to me - she even said thank you today! ............. Such a difference. Melinda

I thoroughly enjoyed the reading. I haven't been the same since, to be very honest. I found myself in brief moments of tears more than once yesterday - in shear joy and relief - that it's all going to be okay. You confirmed a great deal of what I believed to be true - and even more than I knew - I feel at peace. I can't wait to really experience life ... the reading gave me permission to truly drop all my fears, once and for all, and just go for it. Wow, did I need that. Thank you so much for being "on my path" in this lifetime. Shawna

Class Testimonal -- There is something about you that seems so normal and spiritually connected at the same time. This is the kind of role model that suited my last need "I can be normal and spiritually connected at the same time." Thank You again, Adina

I just read your Inviting Bliss column ... I swear I could hear you as though you were telling me this, instead of me reading it .....................Look forward to reading more. Cheryl N.


I am located in the Central Time Zone doing readings on the phone and at times in person. I am also available for classes, group readings or healing sessions in other locations. Please contact me at the email or phone below for further information on hiring or sponsoring a class in your location.

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"Living a happy life honors the truth of who you are."

              Colleen Helgerson


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