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Lodestar guidance by life coach Colleen Helgerson.

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Lodestar guidance by life coach Colleen Helgerson.

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Radio Interview!

Bringing in the love, the laughter and the trusted fellowship of peace to our own life and the world.

Revealing the trusted part of your soul self brings true healing - working through the conditions in life that can take the joy out of life.

The creation of a solid foundation upon which we then create a thriving, successful alignment with the natural rhythm of earthly existence, spirit and self is the healing and the way of the realization of honoring the spirit within each of us.

Akashic Record Healing Readings

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Clearing the past allows us to live in love and peace as well as see the brightness of the future.

Please contact me via phone to set up a time for your reading or healing session prior to payment. 563.599.2823

Colleen is a truly inspiring teacher. She teaches with humor, encouragement and love. I find myself wanting to attend all of her classes! Learning to read the Akashic records is life-changing, regardless how you decide to use it. I enter my own records daily - for help on my life purpose; to help understand myself; to help me prepare at work; or just to help me interact with challenging situations or people. Carissa

I've been feeling really good since my last session (Harmonic Union Energy work). The general anxiety that I've had for so long has diminished greatly. Changes are easier to make & come more naturally. I see things more clearly, decisions are easier to make too. I'm actually often feeling quite fabulous lately, which I am enjoying. And I'm feeling more settled into myself & comfortable with it. Thank you Holly Hampton

Thanks so much for the reading and akashic healing! You have an awesome talent. This work week has been so positive. I can really feel a change already. My current boss/mother in a past life has been smiling and actually pleasant to me - she even said thank you today! ............. Such a difference. Melinda


I am located in the Central Time Zone doing readings on the phone and at times in person. I am also available for classes in other locations. Please contact me at the email or phone below for further information on sponsoring a class in your location.

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Please contact me via phone 563.599.2823 to set up a time for your reading or healing session prior to paying.

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"Living a happy life honors the truth of who you are."

              Colleen Helgerson


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